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Hello well im chloe and i am 14 years of age and i really want to loose weight id love to be able o wear more revealing tops i hide all my body  een in summer i get so upset i try not eating nd it dont work  i wold love some tips and hop to hear frm yu soon thank you chle x

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do not add me i dont want to talk to you.
its pretty clear youve just come on this ste after seeng it on itv. this isnt fun its not a lifestyle its fucking hell

now get the fuck off this site thank you

no not at all i come on here because i want help i kno this is no fn i aint looking for fun im lookingto loose weight i did not mean to mak u angry but i really have come here to change i want what you want to loose weight and yeah i saw it on tv and i was shocked that they would do this to peope exspose them to the world i just want to talk to people that know whats going on and how it feels i never wanted to make you angry please give me a chance

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